Authentic Community Engagement involves a wide variety of skills and approaches from multiple different disciplines - group facilitation, change agent, facilitative leadership, complexity-based and liberating practices, and more. 

I learned these skills and approaches

... and so can you! 

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Spotlight On: Immersive, Connective Team Retreats, and Gatherings 

Does your group want to make a deeper connection to get some important work done so you can move forward with an aligned purpose? Do you want to maximize the diverse perspectives in your group to make clear and actionable decisions together?


One of my greatest joys is using an engaged approach to facilitate and hold space for groups to come together, connect, learn, honor the uniqueness each member brings, and design a path forward. 


These full-day, multi-hour, and multi-day gatherings integrate spirit, art, and creativity into the process of making important decisions together about your direction, purpose, and what seeds you want to plant and cultivate in the world, together. 


Our first step is to have a conversation about your group and your needs.

Then we will work together to identify the goals and objectives of your gathering.

We co-design the time together to achieve those desired outcomes

and then I facilitate the gathering for you.

I will often wear multiple hats during a gathering - I can be an emcee, a panel moderator, a trainer, a facilitator, a supportive thought partner, or even a cheerleader!

If you are wanting to have an immersive, connective experience during your next group gathering and an engaged approach sounds like a good fit for your group, let's talk!


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