Harness the Power of Community Engagement

Strategy, Facilitation, Workshops, and Training to Solve Your Greatest Challenges

 The Art & Science of Authentic Community Engagement

Communities hold a wealth of wisdom, but uncovering it requires more than a simple survey or a rigid focus group. Authentic community engagement requires a combination of scientific methodology and skilled facilitation that goes beyond traditional models and methods.

Our transformative approach ensures that both your staff and community members feel comfortable and heard, so you can discover their real challenges—and develop creative, actionable solutions.

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The Energetics of Online Engagement

Kickstart your virtual community engagement with practices that will help your group connect, align, and be motivated.


Paige Backlund JarquĆ­n, DrPH, MPH

A change agent, bridge builder, and master facilitator, Paige hasĀ over 20 years of experience working in, with, and for communities across the globe. HerĀ greatest passion is supporting groups and individuals working at the forefront of social change, helping them forge stronger bonds with one another and gain a deeper understanding of the communities they serve.

Communities are lifted by inclusivity, thrive on diversity, are sustained on justice and equality, and require equity. The Center for Authentic Community Engagement was founded around these coreĀ understandings, and they impact the work we do with every community we engage.

What it's like working with The Center of Authentic Community Engagement

"Excellent, creative, surprising. The whole day was not only well-designed but left room for inspiration!"

- Workshop Participant

"Very adaptable to where the group was going, tweaking activities as needed - felt very organic, like you had endless possibilities for what the day could become."

- Retreat Attendee

"You track respect and create space as a facilitator. Very safe, mutual environment. An excellent way to learn!"

- Training Participant

Build, Develop, and Execute Your Community Engagement Program

Every organization is unique, and the communities they serve have diverse needs, drives, concerns, and challenges.

The Center for Authentic Community Engagement can help you develop your program, facilitate conversations, workshop your challenges, and train your staff to master the most effective strategies.

Stronger Data. Powerful Insights. 

An open, inclusive, systems-level approach to research is at the core of everything we do.

When both community members and staff feel comfortable and heard, you’ll generate meaningful, actionable insights about your organization and those you serve.

A skilled facilitator will “flatten the power” in the room, giving everyone a voice and inspiring genuine, authentic participation.

Elevate Your Workplace Community

Teams work better when team members understand each other. Forging a sense of community among colleagues will maximize the power of diverse perspectives and generate new ideas.

 We offer multi-hour, full-day, and multi-day workshops and retreats that create an immersive, connective experience.

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Soulful Connection. Deep Collaboration. 


Human beings are a collaborative species.

Whether you’re looking to improve collaboration within your workplace—or between your organization and the communities you serve—it all begins with communication and connection.

With the right framework, proven methodologies, and a skilled facilitator creating an open and inclusive space, our potential is nearly limitless.

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Become aĀ Community Engagement Facilitator

Are you interested in facilitating authentic community engagement? The Center for Authentic Community Engagement offers individual training for anyone who wants to do what we do.
You can learn in person, or you can access self-paced online courses, and live training and coaching (both in-person and via Zoom).

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